Working At Home Opportunities

Working at home opportunities is sought after by many. It means more freedom, spend more time with family and friends and gain a real sense of accomplishment.

Reasons To Work At Home

Everyone has their own idea why to work from home but for some, the reason is more pressing. The biggest influence for work at home jobs are single parents. I myself am a full-time single dad, and work at home opportunities fit my lifestyle best. I am always being called on by my daughter and all of her life’s demands. Not to mention I am mom and dad with the full duties of both sides. Sadly, I don’t have time to go to work!!

However, there are other reasons that make work from home jobs so fitting. There are people that are handicapped or care-givers that the traditional job lifestyle just won’t work. Work at home jobs also work great for the elderly and retired. Many retired people still have have the need to work. Fortunately, work at home jobs and opportunities set no age limit.

Why So Many Reject The Work From Home Idea

Sadly, when people think of the term “Work From Home”, they associate it with scammers, spam and MLM, (Multi-Level-Marketing). No one likes getting their inbox blown up from spam mail. Everyone gets tired of hearing about the “Next Get Rich Scheme“. Then there is that joke of MLM’s, which most people associate that with Ponzi Schemes.

Unfortunately the internet, actually marketing in general is full of these kind of scams but there are also legitimate methods as well. In life, anything can be used to do bad and anyone can look at anything negatively. The Internet is only as bad as you allow it. If you are an honest person, then you can be successful online.

There is also the thought of working at home, means marketing and that is so far from the truth. The numbers are going up everyday of people turning to telecommute jobs. More and more businesses are seeing the benefit of having employees that don’t reside within a structure that they have to finance. Employees that work from home, means little to no overhead for employers.

So don’t reject the idea of work from home opportunities, as this is the new age we are heading too. No matter if you are working for a company or becoming your own boss online, you are the one that decides how ethical and moral you want your work ethics to be.

What Type Of Work From Home Jobs Are There

The internet offers you more opportunities to work than traditional jobs ever will. You have the entire world at your fingertips. There are companies all over the world needing employees for a wide range of positions.

Travel Agent, Call Center, Technical Support, Customer Service, Virtual Assistant, Teaching, Transcription, Accounting and the list goes on. These are real jobs, the same as if you drove to a building to get paid for work. Except, you never even have to get out of your pajamas and you are much more available for your personal life by being home.

Then there are the opportunities to becoming your own boss. Blogging is the most popular and very profitable. The eCommerce field is where many go to and if you are not sure what that is. Selling on eBay and Amazon, those sellers are eCommerce owners and marketers. Affiliate Marketing to writing your own eBooks is also very legitimate and profitable.

The Internet Allows You To Help Others

If you are working from home, especially if you are taking the entrepreneurship method, you should have an altruistic attitude. Meaning, to succeed in any business and even in life, your goal should be how to help and please others.

Customer service is teetering on being extinct, back in the day, like the 50’s. You got a whole lot of service for nothing. In today’s time, you have to pay for anything extra. Imagine back in the 50’s when you drove up to get gas. You never got out of your car, a team was all over your car. Someone pumped your gas while another was checking the tire pressure, the oil and cleaning your windshield, and all at the cost of just the gas.

Where in the hell did that attitude go? Well online, your overhead is way down which allows you room to give to others, offer value. I bet if you went to a gas station that still had the business model of the 50’s, you would always get gas there wouldn’t you? So imagine having that attitude in front of the entire world, big business opportunity isn’t it?

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In Conclusion

Don’t be afraid of using the internet to make money online or work for a company. It all goes back to the saying, “Life is what you make it”. So is your business, be honorable and fair and the business will looking for you. Don’t worry about the bad people online, just do what you feel is right and focus on you.

Being a success in work, business and personally, requires you to believe in yourself. Focus on what you want out of life and then just go after it. Leave skepticism at the door as well as tune skeptics out. If you want or need to work from home, then do what it takes to make that happen.

That is what my site is all about, to provide as much information and opportunities as I can. I want to help others find work at home options. When I started looking into this years ago, all I found were people wanting my money with stuff and information that never worked. I have no intentions of doing that to anyone. If you have a question, please contact me as I will do my very best to get you an answer.

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Home Independence is about helping those that are looking for work at home opportunities. There are many people that traditional jobs just don't fit their lifestyle. Be sure to check out tips on how to save money, telecommute jobs listing, ways to become your own boss and more.

9 thoughts on “Working At Home Opportunities

  1. Thanks for this very informative and in-depth post in explaining the benefits of working from home and the freedom and passive income it can create for those that are willing to put in the work. Very inspirational. Looking forward to more posts!

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  2. Great article! I agree – MLM’s and get-rich schemes have stolen the attention away from people who work from home in legitimate positions.

    However, there is a lot of scams advertising that they allow people to ‘work from home’.


  3. I’m so glad I found your blog! It sometimes feels that to succeed you have to give up part of the reason you might have wanted to write in the first place–to explain, show another side of life, reach out to others in a meaningful way. I so appreciate you’ve put this into words.


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